Apple apologized to its customers after software changes

Apple apologized to its customers for software changes that have reduced the efficiency of older iPhone models. They claim that they did not act to shorten the life of the products.

Revealed delays lead to significantly slow performance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. That has provoked several customers to take action against it. Some customers of the company claim that it has deliberately delayed the work of older models to encourage consumers to replace them with newer and more expensive ones.


software changes


The company then re-explains how the batteries get older and lose their efficiency over time. It also describes situations that further accelerate battery degradation, such as frequent charging or frequent overheating of the battery. Older batteries also lose properties to provide maximum energy for heavy loads. To protect the electronics, in such situations the iPhone is programmed to shutdown.

It is clear that such exclusions are unacceptable to us, and we do not want our users to miss a call or take a picture or to damage another part of their iPhone experience when we can avoid it” said Apple.


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Apple says that battery replacement with a new one will solve the problem completely. To help more users to solve the problem, the company announced that it reduces the cost of replacing the battery of the iPhone, which is out of warranty, from 79 dollars to 29 dollars. The offer will be valid from the end of January 2018 until the end of 2018, and soon the company will publish more details on its site.

In addition, Apple will release a new iOS update in early 2018. It will give more and clearer information to users about the status of their iPhone’s battery. It will also show how it affects the performance of device. The company says it will continue to work on the software, aiming to optimize and improve its work even further.


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